I have been teaching at Nova SBE since 2004, mostly courses on Public Economics and related fields, and applied microeconomics.

Current teaching

since 2018

Invited lecturer in Public Economics (Undergraduate level), Universidade Católica Portuguesa

since 2004

Lecturer at the Nova School of Business and Economics

Current teaching:

– Master level: Economics of Proverty, Game Theory, Ethics and Public Policy;

Old courses:

– PhD level: Public Economics;
– Master level: Public Finance and Economic Geography;
– Undergraduate level: Microeconomics, Public Economics and The Global Economy;

Previous courses

Dec 2014

Intensive course on Optimal Taxation and Taxation Theory at the European Commission Joint Research Centre in Seville.

Feb 2008

Invited lecturer in Public Economics (Master level), Université du Luxembourg


Invited lecturer in Microeconomics (Undergraduate), Universidade Católica Portuguesa

Co-lecturer of graduate Public Economics, UCL (with Prof. Jean Hindriks)


Occasional lecturer of graduate Public Economics, UCL (lecturer: Prof. Jean Hindriks)


Teaching Assistant in Econometrics, Universidade Católica Portuguesa

PhD thesis supervision and committees

Thesis Supervision at Nova SBE (completed):

Catarina Alvarez (Mar 2020)
Risa Pavia (Sep 2019) – Data analyst in private sector
Bruno Carvalho (Mar 2019) – Post-doctoral researcher at ECARES, ULB
Pedro Chaves (Sep 2015) – Adjunct Assistant Professor at Nova SBE
Ana Cláudia Gouveia (Sep 2015) – Research Department at Bank of Portugal
João Filipe (Sep 2015) – Bank of Portugal

Thesis Supervision (in progress):

– Laman Orujova (Nova SBE)
– António Melo (Paris-Dauphine, co-advisor: Eve Carole)

Thesis Committee at Nova SBE:

– Julia Seither (Jun 2019)
– João Furtado (Jun 2009)
– António Morgado (Apr 2007)

Thesis Committee in other departments:

– Sabine Flamand (Universitat Autonoma Barcelona, 2012)
– Willem Sas (University of Leuven, 2016)