Grants and Consulting

I have been teaching at Nova SBE since 2004, mostly courses on Public Economics and related fields, and applied microeconomics.


Sep 2019
(on going)

PI of the Research Project “Local Governance: Taxation, Accountability, Performance”, sponsored by the Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia

Political economy deals with the design of political institutions to tackle agency problems which plague public governance. It is crucial to study local governments? accountability, because they have gained increasing importance fiscally, politically, and administratively (Arzaghi and Henderson, 2005). In Portugal, there is no regional government layer and all 278 mainland municipalities are ruled by the same constitutional framework, lending themselves naturally to empirical analysis. The research team has a comprehensive dataset on Portuguese municipalities, covering local finance, mayor characteristics, political affiliation, election outcomes, and local demographic, social, and economic controls. These data span the whole period of democratic governance in Portugal, since 1979. The three pillars of our project: taxation, politics, and performance shed light on possible mechanisms to improve local governance.

Sep 2015
(1 year)

PI of the Research Project “Local Governance, Candidate Selection and Political Agency”, sponsored by the Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia

This short project’s objective is to link the design of decentralisation to political selection, that is, the decision of individual citizens to enter politics, which ultimately shapes the quality of political candidates and the capacity of the electorate to elect good representatives. It relies on Portuguese municipal data.

Mar 2010
(2 year)

PI of the Research Project “Local Governance and Policy Outcomes”, sponsored by the Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia. Associated researchers: Pedro Pita Barros, Julián Perelman, Ana Balcão Reis

This research project relies on data about Portuguese municipalities to analyse the consequences of shared competences between the central and local government for political accountability

Jan 2008
(3 years)

PI of Research Project “Institutions and Technology”, sponsored by the Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia. Associated researchers: Francesco Franco and José Tavares

Institutions are the rules by which societies govern themselves. The economics literature has demonstrated the important role of institutions as a major determinant of economic choices and performance. This project focuses on the way institutions affect firms’ technology choices and economic performance. It covers three different broad themes: technology choice and product and labour market regulation; technology adoption through foreign direct investment and the nexus between institutional changes and equity markets as a source of funding for innovative firms

Jan 2008
(3 years)

Associated Researcher of the Research Project “Voting Behaviour and Voting Rules”, sponsored by Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia. Lead researchers: Paulo Pamplona Côrte-Real

Jun 2006
(4 years)

Associate Member of the European Science Foundation networking program “Public Goods, Public Projects, Externalities”


(on going)

Analysis of tax credits to non-resident financial institutions

(on going)

Member of the working group for the revision of the Budgetary Law

May 2019
(on going)

PI of the Outreach Project “Social Balance of Portugal”sponsored by the La Caixa Foundation

Feb 2010
(9 months)

PI (with Sofia Franco) of the Research Project on the fiscal competitiveness of the city of Lisbon, sponsored by the municipality